Pure art for interiors design, The colored texture of Maria Rita’s works
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Maria Rita Vita and The Applied Arts

The colored texture of Maria Rita’s works turns into matter for interiors.

A stylistic choice adopted by Architects and Interior Designers who think of the space to live in as an essential place, whose sober and minimal line gets more precious thanks to contemporary art works. These works become furniture of free creative expression. Their overflowing matter twist gives life to suggestive chromatic contrasts. These contrasts have such a visual and emotional impact that give to the space a singular character of modernity, creativity and exclusivity.

In perfect harmony with this creativity, Maria Rita Vita curates relationships and collaborations with Studios of Architecture and Interiors Designers. She offers not only works from her catalogue but also works on commission: customized measures and guidelines about chromatic preferences of the work to realize. Therefore, she realizes the recreation of her painting works on coating materials (ceramic, corian, glass, etc.) to create decorative elements of the artist for walls, sliding doors, backlit panels, etc.


The Artist Contrasts

As an interior designer Maria Rita Vita has successfully experienced further applications of her artistic expression: she recreates her works on fine lining fabrics such as canvas, silk and leather so she creates exclusive and unique furniture (classic and contemporary chairs, lamps, screens, headboard coating etc.). The designers who are interested in these works can contact the artist to create unique pieces or series of pieces in the sphere of rebuilding and furnishing projects. Fabrics, silk and leather pieces of arts are printed in primary and fully technological specialized establishments, where the Artist’s oversight never misses.

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