Maria Rita Vita Oil Paintings and Colored Resin Paintings, Massa, Tuscany
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The Singing of Painting

The work of Maria Rita Vita is a diving in a sea of light, a travel through a blooming of colors, a descent in the barm of a chromatic substance and its energetic freedom. Maria Rita Vita’s work is placed in the great tradition of Action Painting; it’s in the line that was directly born from the source of unconscious following a path that from the Surrealism reaches the American Action Painting and a significant part of European Informal Arts.

Lorenzo Canova

Swirling evolutions of a harmonious and balanced feeling

. In a chromatic-compositional harmony of overflowing light effects, the swirling movement of a firm and decided line highlines the whole artist’s feeling…
…In the volatile speed of a deep color we can read something from Miro’, in the isolated orange even memories from Van Gogh….
… natural inspiration works catch the attention as bombs made of smiles open up to the world.

Pure Art for Interiors Design

A stylistic choice for Architects and Interior Designers that want to give space a singular character of modernity and exclusivity.

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Paintings to wear

The artist’s works, finely recreated, become wonderful and refined fashion accessories made of silk such as scarves, sarongs, ties and eccentric bowties.

Foulard Vita