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Maria Rita Vita was born in Massa Carrara.

She still lives between Apuan Alps and Versilia Riviera, a land of contrasts and strong feeling. She starts studying at a technical school as her father wished to, but her passion for painting takes her to abandon a thriving administrative career to begin a unique and absolute professional activity. She decides to improve her technique and she starts exhibiting in the art sphere.

From 2006 to nowadays: Her intense exhibiting through lots of individual art exhibitions, her participation to prestigious collective art exhibitions and events at public and private institutions, take her to Firenze – Roma- Pietrasanta – Forte dei Marmi – Lucca – Viareggio – Pontremoli (Premio Nazionale Bancarella , as the Artist chosen by the Municipality)- Fivizzano (as the Artist chosen for the regional event “Sapori”) – Berceto – Bologna – Cefalu’ – Sarzana – Lerici – Spoleto – Piacenza.

Year 2011:

The municipality of Berceto assigns her the task of supporting, with her individual art exhibition: “Emozioni sulla Cisa”, the great event “On The Road”: an exhibition of painting dated from 400 to 600 at Pier Maria Rossi Museum.
– She opens the Gallery ‘’Vita’’ in the historic city center of Massa, where she permanently exhibits her works and design products.
– She illustrates the cover of the novel ‘’Omicidio dell’Anima’’ by Giancarlo Perazzini (8.2012 Como, Il ciliegio Editore), with the image of her painting.

Year 2014:

She joins the Management of the Association ASART- Artists and Sculptors Association in Pietrasanta and she still is in the board. As the chosen Artist at Pier Maria Rossi Museum (in Berceto Parma) she joins the TENTH BIANNUAL ART EXHIBITION in Rome
– She launches the fashion brand “Vita’’ – ‘‘Art to wear”: handmade fashion accessories for women, adapted from her paintings.

Year 2015:

She exibits:
– in Expo Firenze Arte;
– for the event ‘Pietrasanta – Cefalu,’ Art Twinning
– in the collective art exhibition “Dedicato all’ignoto marinaio” –a homage to Antonello da Messina’s paintings at Mandralisca Museum of Cefalù – Palermo. In this permanent collection Maria Rita leaves one of her wood painting;
– She publishes her first catalogue entitled “I Fili del Tempo” (edition: Ugo Guidi Museum -Forte dei Marmi), registered at the Biblioteca Nazionale di Stato.
– Individual art exhibition at Donatello Gallery- Florence

Year 2016:

She exibits:
– individually at La Spadarina Art Gallery- Piacenza;
– individually at Cava Ravaccione in Fantiscritti -Carrara;
individually at Il Complesso del Duomo di San Moderanno (PR);
She takes part in the Biennial at Zamosc Museum (Poland);
Thanks to criticism reports Mondadori
chooses her for the publication of critical pages and images of her works in the Catalogue of Contemporary Art Giorgio Mondadori (Bolaffi before), n. 52.

Year 2017:

curated by the B.A. Luisa Pavesio, She exibits:
– individually at The Foreign Affairs Ministry Circle in Roma;
– individually at Robellini Palace in Acqui Terme;
– individually at the Sanremo Casinò
She illustrates the cover of the Thriller ‘’Schegge di Memoria’’, by the detective story writer
Isabella Pileri Pavesio (2017, Genova, De Ferrari Editore), with her work ‘‘IL BLU DELLA SPERANZA’’

Year 2018:

– She exhibits individually at the Sea and Navigation Museum in Genova

Among the critical writings and the introductions on catalogue, or in the sphere of art exhibitions, and those contained in this volume by Lorenzo Canova e Umberto Vattani, we remember the appreciation by Vittorio Sgarbi, Giuseppe Benelli, Vittorio Guidi, Giammarco Puntelli, Enrica Frediani, Sandra Lucarelli, Claudia Baldi, Imo Furfori, Lodovico Gierut and Marilena Cheli Tomei. We also remember articles on National (La Nazione, Arte, La Toscana, Art…News) and foreign (Inews Swiss) news headline and tv interviews (Antenna.3 and Toscana TV)..

We can find some of her works in private and collective national and foreign art collections.